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“My favorite part of my experience was how comfortable Travis made my twin and I feel. Neither of us had really ever been in a photo shoot setting and he made us forget that we were. He made the day very fun! You can feel the passion in his work and you surely see it in the photos. He has amazing photo packages that will blow your mind once you receive them. Travis is the full package!”  



“I told Travis that I really wanted a sunset picture…and he went out of his way to go to our photo shoot location and map out the best place to take a sunset picture and at exactly what time to take it. That right there blew my fiancé and I away and exceeded our expectations. His dedication to his work really does show through his commitment and passion to capture timeless photographs. Our favorite part of our photo shoot was when Travis brought his portable sound system with him to play our favorite music during our shoot. It made us feel more comfortable and relaxed during our shoot.”   



“Travis was very professional and thoroughly prepared for the job. We drove all the way to Oklahoma to take pictures in the mountains, and it was a great experience. I would definitely recommend him to a friend.”  



“My favorite part was being able to collaborate with Travis to personalize the pictures and capture visually interesting images. He doesn't use the same formula for every person, so each person's portfolio will be slightly different and tailored to them specifically. He truly wants you to LOVE your pictures.”  



“Travis listens to his customers' ideas and not only does good work with those but he is able to capture moments that (in my humble but accurate opinion) exceed customers expectations. I have told people that Travis's quality of photos are on the same level of professional photos that I've seen in Rolling Stone, Texas Monthly, and other world famous publications. I would recommend him to ANYONE.”  -AJ’s Father



  “Travis helped me create a vintage atmosphere that captured my personality and honored my family. I felt like a princess and have awesome photos as a result.  He was patient in the process, quick to respond to my questions and suggestions, and passionate about his work. We had so much fun during our engagements and bridals!”  

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Pictures connect us to those who came before and the people we love. One day this portrait will be priceless. No amount of money will take your family back to this moment where I can capture you on paper forever. Time will be stopped for you and the generations of people that belong to your bloodline. Hanging on your wall and passed down for generations, it will forever be the most valuable thing your family will own. When you are not here, your children will look at this portrait and say, this was my father & mother, these were my grandparents, and this is my legacy.  It will connect them to their own story.   

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We are scheduling for 2019 Seniors.  We love shooting Senior Photography in Dallas County and Photography in Red Oak and all surrounding areas!  Click below to book your session.

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Did you know The Roan Gallery can deliver professional quality images of your real estate listing?  Click below to visit our Real Estate Photography Website for further details!

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The Roan Gallery also operates an Open Photo Booth available for your Reception, Party, School or Corporate Event.  Click below to visit our Mobile Expressions Website for booking and information.



My name is Travis. Welcome to The Roan Gallery Photography Website. With over a decade of experience, I consider photography as a tool, to be used to promote and celebrate the values I hold close to my heart. Values such as Faith, Family, Friendship, Texas’ Rich Heritage, Texas’ Diverse Beauty, Lifestyles and Music.   My prayer is that you will be blessed through the images displayed on this website and if you are a client, you will be blessed through the images created especially for you.  

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